Co-Founder of FitScene, Meet Nicole

Fun Facts

I didn’t get into fitness until 2014

I love dogs and I ultimately would love to start a dog rescue

I am an aerialist

I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Instructor – coaching at Orange Theory Fitness, barre, aerial, and HIIT

I thrive when challenged

My comfort food is tacos

I love chocolate

I am incredibly close to my family

I am a small town farm girl at heart

It’s all History

So now that you have got the quick fun facts about me, let’s delve a little more into who I am and how I got where I am today. Childhood, that’s always a good place to start right? Well, I was raised by two loving parents, I have two sisters, and lived in a very small town on a farm until I was in my twenties. From a very young age I was always very business savvy, I can remember at the age of 7 or 8 I began making crafts and selling them to other kids at school, because they caught on as being trendy, thus making me a small business owner as a child. Skipping forward a couple of years, I always struggled with authority. I was a born rule breaker and I liked to march to the beat of my own drum. So, you can probably imagine how answering to a boss was for me in my adult years…It simply didn’t work for me. I bounced around to many different industries and changed my major in college several times. I am pretty sure I have worked in more industries in my few short years than most people will in a lifetime. I worked in a nursing home as a cook, I did the bartending and waitressing thing, I worked in retail, I got a degree in dental assisting which led me to work as an oral surgery assistant, one summer I was a zip lining guide-yes this meant I zip lined every single day, it was awesome. You name it I have probably dabbled in it.

Hello Digital World, I’m Nicole

It wasn’t until 2012 when I landed a full-time gig at a web consulting agency that I realized what I was meant to do. I was born to work in the digital world. I had a natural knack for understanding and being able to execute on complex projects involving websites, SEO, content planning, and creation, etc. The agency I worked for had a sink or swim mentality and provided little training, so I was on my own to learn everything and I did! Right around this same time, I started my own social media company, Social Media In’s and Out’s. Which started out as a small fun side project. Well, this side project grew, and as I learned more and more about the digital world my business grew into a full blown digital marketing company – SMIO Digital Marketing. As you can imagine this was a lot, holding down a full-time job and running a fast growing company…and it was…I left the web consulting company to pursue my dream of growing my company. Which I am still the proud owner of to this day and it is still growing!

Couch Potato to Fitness Junkie

So, at this point you are probably wondering, “Well, what the hell? Where does FitScene come into play?” I am getting there I promise! Let’s jump ahead, in 2014 I began training for my very first marathon, keep in mind at this time I wasn’t a runner, I wasn’t active, and I generally hated physical fitness. Something sparked inside of me, though, I woke up one morning and just decided that I was going to become a runner and that was it. This journey to becoming a runner was literally life altering. I realized how much I loved fitness and setting goals for myself. I was hooked. From this point on my life revolved around fitness – trying new workouts, setting new goals, and just in general being active. This is how Dawn Doll and I eventually met. I began working out at her studio Revolution Cycle and Fitness.

Doll and I

Okay, now this is where things get interesting…I reached out to Dawn after I became Barre certified, seeking to teach at her studio and I never heard back from her. To be honest, I kind of just wrote it off as she wasn’t interested. Well, Dawn did reach back out to me, but she had a much bigger idea than brining me on as an instructor…Dawn presented me this idea of creating what is now FitScene and I was immediately excited to start working on it. She had the idea and I had the know-how when it came to making her idea a reality. This was a story of fate, my friends, everything fell into place and we are now the proud owners of FitScene.