Rory McCabe

Rory McCabe - Writer


We should start with the fact that I am not really a real “writer”, I don’t want to discount Mr. Obler’s 10th grade creative writing course in High School, my undergraduate degree in Communication Studies (read that as public speaking), or the loads of money spent on an MBA I just can’t profess to be someone who ever thought themselves as a writer. What I am is a storyteller. I come from a line of storytellers on my father’s side. If you ever meet me you will understand there is a story for every topic.

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Andrea Austin

7663_577374738977037_564486451_n-1Leader Among Leaders

Andrea Austin started in the fitness industry in 1987 wearing leg warmers and spandex teaching high and low impact aerobics. Throughout the years she remained in the industry part time until becoming a full-time personal trainer in 2001. Coming from the creative industry as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer, Andrea used her creative thought process to start her own personal training business. She has guided hundreds of people in life-changing workouts both one on one and in group settings.

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Chris Cronick


Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

People assume Chris Cronick is a strong, healthy girl but there’s more than meets the eye. At just 41, she has been hit with a myriad of health issues including: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus SLE, celiac disease, six artificial joint replacements and open heart surgery. Faced with these challenges in the past decade, she was forced to surrender a career in music for which she loved. Chris went from an active, ambitious young woman to disabled and extremely overweight.

With the help of indoor cycling Chris has shed 110lbs+, is a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor, Fitness Coach and Motivational Speaker inspiring others on and off the bike.


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Jamie Flora

Jamie Flora

I’m passionate about seeing others flourish – right where they are.

Growing up a daughter of a nurse, I started reading anatomy books at a young age. The human body and its functions have always fascinated me. My other love as a child (besides dancing and dinosaurs) 😉 was being active outside. I grew up on 10 acres of woods and wetlands in central Minnesota and loved running around our property, foraging for wild berries and honeysuckle, balancing on fallen trees, and finding quiet places to reflect – like creeks and deer beds with the perfect mixture of sun and shade.

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Matthew Bragstad

 You Can’t Solve a Problem in the Same Frame of Mind that Created it!

Matthew Bragstad is hardly the type of writer you would expect to find on a fitness website.  With degrees in Marketing and Software Development, his only experience with fitness before his 30’s was Madame Trembleys 8th grade aerobics class that often featured “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by the late great George Michael.  With the philosophy of “If some is good, more must be better” he threw himself headlong into one diet trend after another, spending months at a time under 10gs of carbs with Mr. Atkins …

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