Jamie Flora

Jamie FloraGrowing up a daughter of a nurse, I started reading anatomy books at a young age. The human body and its functions have always fascinated me. My other love as a child (besides dancing and dinosaurs) 😉 was being active outside.

I grew up on 10 acres of woods and wetlands in central Minnesota and loved running around our property, foraging for wild berries and honeysuckle, balancing on fallen trees, and finding quiet places to reflect – like creeks and deer beds with the perfect mixture of sun and shade.

Keeping those things in mind while fast forwarding through a 14-year career in business administration, marketing, and communications – aaand one major health storm – and you collectively meet me now…a gal who’s all about food, fitness, and frame of mind transformations. Hi. How ya doin’? 🙂

As a nutrition coach and personal trainer, I’m passionate about seeing others flourish – right where they are. My quest is to help others become the best possible version of themselves they can be!

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