• Aerial Yoga Inversions

    While Yogi’s boast the health benefits of inversions, turning the body upside down, some physical therapists caution the use of inversions due to potential risk of injury. Specifically when attempting handstands and headstands with improper from. However, aerial yoga is a new way for users to experience the potential health benefits of inversions without ever touching the ground. Meaning, there is little to no impact on the joints.

    While there is little hard scientific evidence proving the health benefits of inversions, yogi’s and aerialists alike claim tons of positive side effects. These include…

  • Aerial yoga inverions

    Decompression of the Spine

    Inversions allow the body to work with gravity, allowing the spine to decompress and lengthen. Many claim that this lengthening and decompression of the spine may help treat and prevent numerous back ailments as well as improve posture and general spine health.

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