If you are a fitness fanatic and sweat like me, you understand the importance of dry shampoos and why they are so hot in the marketplace. We all know the obvious time it takes to shower and get ready post-workout at the gym. Packing a bag, your hair products, makeup…. and  ultimately we forget something!  The not-so-obvious reason dry shampoos are all the rave is new studies show that washing your hair actually damages your hair.

Sulfates Damage Your Hair

Inexpensive detergents are commonly used in cosmetic cleansers, hair shampoos, bath and shower gels, bubble baths, etc.  Most shampoos contain sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfate and/or sodium or ammonium laureth sulfate (ALS/SLSs) which dissolve the oils on your skin and hair by stripping the oils. Think if it as a degreaser which causes a drying, stripping effect. The Journal of the American College of Toxicology notes that SLS and other chemicals commonly added to shampoos break down skin proteins, which causes not only irritation, but also allows environmental contaminants easier access to the lower, sensitive layers of the skin and, more important, hair follicles. Which is a leading cause of hair loss!

Even if you use a  “no-poo”sulfate-free shampoo or co-wash, which is a conditioner wash only, the excess washing of your hair can strip moisture and dry out the shaft of individual hairs resulting in excess or early breakage, damage, irritated scalp and dandruff.  Especially if you have course or curly hair or gray hair.

So don’t shower then right?  Gross-No!

It’s still important to maintain proper hygiene when it comes to your body, including your scalp.  And, it is recommended that your wash your hair every   2-3 days depending on your lifestyle and level of oil production.  So instead of packing traditional shampoo in addition to the rest of your life in your bag, try a dry shampoo.  Using a dry shampoo will not only shorten your time getting primped and pretty–yes, you guys primp too– but also help maintain your mane!


  • Which Poo Do You Do?       dry shampoo

    So just pick one right?  Wrong!  There are so many dry shampoos on the market from inexpensive drugstore brands to professional salon-only brands.  And depending on the thickness of your hair, your natural oil production and how much you sweat plays a factor in which product will work best for you.  This means that there are going to be favorites across the board.  Some will absorb more oils than others and others will give you more volume and/or texture.  Here is a great review of the most popular dry shampoos on the market and how they differentiate and stand up to to the price you pay.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your own personal comments, opinions and experiences on each of the products.  And, if you have used one you do or do not like that is not on the list, please give us your review!

    Let the Battle Begin!



    dry shampoo

    Orbie is the top-of-the-line dry shampoo on the market.  With two options, the Gold Lust Dry Shampoo and the Dry Texturizing Spray are seriously “worth their weight in gold”– punn intended!   From $22.00 – $44.00 a bottle, this dry shampoo is the best at absorbing oil without using half the bottle.  And the clean finish feels like you just stepped out of the salon.  The texturizing spray can be used on clean hair to help style fine or thin hair as well as its oil absorbing benefits!


Author: fitscene