Body Weight Planner – Helping to Predict Those Pounds Away

As mentioned in the article, Weight Loss Mathematics are Not what they used to be, weight loss equations are no longer valid.  Research has shown that with diet and exercise our metabolism is adaptive. Meaning, the conventional wisdom of calorie reduction and weight loss is simply wrong. The effects of metabolic adaptation have been studied by many private and public institutes and new Weight Loss Calculators have resulted.  Pennington Biomedical Research Center, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, and National Institute of Health all offer resources to better predict weight loss given your specific body measurements, gender, age, current weight and height as well as your physical activity levels. Body Weight Planner As a personal trainer, I have several clients that want an to know how long and what do I need to do calorie and activity wise to shed the pounds.  I hate the answer, “It depends?”  Because, really, it does!  But how can you set and measure real goals with this strategy?  My go to is the Body Weight Planner (because not all of my clients are trying to lose weight) created by Precision Nutrition.  This planner is a tool to tell you what our daily caloric intake should be … Continue reading Body Weight Planner – Helping to Predict Those Pounds Away