Gym Jewelry that actually serves a functional purpose?!?  Really?!?

Not going to lie, but when I see women, or guys for that matter, wear jewelry to the gym, I ponder the logic.  As a seasoned instructor, the only real jewels I wear are simple studs earrings that my hair won’t get tangled in and that “classy” extra hair tie on by wrist– which is always cutting the circulation off!  So, when a strategically placed Facebook ads placed by Ashley Bridget advertised functional gym jewelry, I had to laugh under my breath and check it out.

What I found was genius!  Ashley Bridget is a multifaceted jewelry designer offering more than just fashion jewelry.  She has functional collections that service a fashion-forward purpose. What spoke to me personally, as a fitness trainer and enthusiast, was her Elastic Cuff Holder Bangle Bracelette collection and iPhone Charging Cuff. So, of course, I put in my order!

The iPhone Charging Cuff is perfect for wearing to the gym but seems a little big for wearing while working out.  But, if you need to charge your phone while interval training on a spin bike, I guess that is an option better than one of those big brick-looking tech gadgets.

 The Elastic Cuff Holder collection, on the other hand is small enough to not get in the way and seems strong enough to endure even a kettlebell strength training workout.  I love the simple lines and colors and have worn mine to the gym several times.  I almost always have someone ask me where I got that, especially if they see me take a elastic band off the cuff to tie up my hair! And, best part, no more circulation deprivation to my hand:)

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Author: fitscene