Making Sweet Treats a Little Healthier

  • Healthy Baking Switches

    Fall has arrived and you know what that means? It is baking season! Yep, it is once again that time of year to crank up the oven and make tons of sweet treats. We know that those traditional treats tend to pack in a ton of sugar, carbs, and calories, so we have decided to share some simple tricks to making those fall time desserts just a little healthier.

  • Healthy Baking Switches

    Swap the Flour for Black Beans

    Get ready to cut down on those pesky carbs and calories and load up that dessert with protein by simply swapping out the flour for black beans. This is also an easy way to make that dessert gluten-free. Just switch one cup of flour for one can of rinsed, drained, and pureed black beans.

    Tasty treat tip: Try making homemade brownies sans flour by adding black beans instead, it’s delicious!