Holiday 2016 Makeup is all about Lips and Eyes!

Picture walking into your office party and all eyes are on you!  Jaws drop, your colleagues set their cocktails down and you own the room. Unless you work in a super trendy office, smokey eyes and red-hot lips are a social faux pas for the normal work day.  But holiday parties are the time to dress to impress so don’t forget your best assets are actually your eyes and lips. Even the most boring of conversations will be mesmerizing with sultry eyes and stunning lips! And when your office party winds down, you are ready to hit the town looking like that was your plan all along!

Chances are if you are not a makeup artist or had your makeup done by one, you do not know the first thing about creating this dramatic look. No fear! The creative team at Maybelline New York have a great tutorial with products you can get at even if you don’t live in a major metropolis. Check out this tutorial on 2016 Holiday Makeup Trends and be the one everyone is talking “good” about this holiday season!

Author: fitscene