Leading a Movement Rich Life

In our culture, stillness has become the norm and it is killing us. Think about it, when we go out to dinner with friends we generally sit, remaining relatively still for the entire meal. When we relax at home with the family, we sit on the couch, almost motionless. We go to work where we sit at a desk, moving very little for almost eight hours. Human beings were not meant to live a sedentary life. Yet, this is now our reality, that being sedentary is just normal. This needs to change. Experts like Katy Bowman and James Levine are now bringing light to this, the fact that increased movement throughout the day is far more powerful than your hour long gym session. Just by moving more throughout the day we can live a healthier life. However, because stillness has become the norm, how do we change it? It’s easy, just move more. Well, it sounds easy enough, but it may take some time to get into a new routine of living a movement rich life. Here are some simple tips to leading a movement rich life: Meal Preparation – Skip the pre made boxed dinners and opt to make … Continue reading Leading a Movement Rich Life