That’s right!  Party on a bike!  The boutique fitness market in Nashville where it’s at and cycling studios are all the rave! Cycling studios make up 21% of the boutique market but are on the rise as two new studios opened this fall.  KrankFit near the Greenhills Mall, Music City Spin Room now called Studio 51st in the Nations area, Verticity in East Nashville and the new franchise, Cyclebar, all pride themselves with high-intensity workouts where you literally feel like you are dancing on the bike to rockstar playlists!  Cyclebar even has a dj booth where “spin” the beats to a live class.

And if you were a part of the fitness scene in the 90’s you know “spinning” all too well. The term “spinning” is actually a term trademarked by the most infamous rhythm riders at Mad Dogg Athletics to identify the way they ride and the bike they manufacture.  What you are really doing in a cycling class where “pushups” and “tap-backs” or “jumps” are incorporated is call rhythm riding.  I call it “dancing” on a bike.

Today’s most famous rhythm riding cycle studio is New York based SoulCycle.  A typical SoulCycle will look, feel and sound like you are out with friends at your favorite dance club.  And they took rhythm riding to a whole new level when they added the use of upper body exercise using dumbells while riding the bike. Many cyclists and fitness experts criticize this style of riding, but it sure does not seem to impact SoulCycle’s following (for more information on road cycling vs. rhythm riding click here) Other studios such as Flywheel and Cyclebar have followed suit.  They have simply copied or modified this concept like Cyclebar who incorporates a weighted “bar” (pun intended) vs. dumbells for bicep curls, overhead presses, and more while cycling.

A few of the studios in Nashville, KrankFit and Music City Spin Room, offer combination classes.  Classes that consist of part cycling and part strength.  All still set to high-intensity movement and music. Sara Jane Hill, co-owner of KrankFit, states that riders love this as they truly feel like they are getting the best of all worlds and a well-rounded workout routine that never gets boring!

Where ever you decided to cycle in Nashville be sure to reserve a spot online and arrive a little early– just as you would your favorite concert. Bikes fill up fast and there are prime times and spots in each studio. Like rockstars, many instructors have a reputation for their great music and killer workouts and often generate a following.

Nashville cycling studios truly bring the bike to life through movement choreographed to inspiring play music just may be the most efficient and fun hour of your day.  So–Come in, rock out and get your cardio fix amongst a community of pretty “bad-a@$” friends!


Author: fitscene