BeatBoss Adds Purpose to the Party With Fascial Fitness


Over twenty years ago, indoor cycling came onto the scene and became a popular, low impact yet high intensity workout. Initially intended to mimic an outdoor ride or

“road ride,” traditional indoor cyclists have been locked into limited planes of motion or positions on the bike. Although there’s athletic reason outdoor cyclists do this (aerodynamics), the drawback is the body is held hunched over for long lengths of time. Muscle strength becomes imbalanced, especially in the shoulders and back, and connective tissue including fascia, becomes tight and aged. Fascia is a specific connective tissue kept healthy when the body moves in a variety of planes of motion with bounce and repetition of movements.


BeatBoss is the first nationally accredited certification that negates imbalance by bringing cross training purpose to the “party on the bike” style. Their cutting-edge approach to fascial fitness is inspired by Road, Mountain and BMX biking. BeatBoss draws on these off-road bikers’ abilities to bend, move and balance by creating the ultimate indoor ride.


You may have been to a class where the “party” was emphasized. Although tons of fun, proper form was compromised, direction on WHY an instructor was using moves was questionable and it lacked safety for riders. BeatBoss saw this trend becoming popular and while they applaud the industry’s growth and change, they felt it shouldn’t come at a cost: their riders’ safety. They developed moves that were safe, effective and had purpose wrapped up in super fun classes.


BeatBoss has certain moves seen in nearly every class. Their signature “3, 2, 1, Pump™” is inspired by Mountain and BMX biking designed to incorporate plane of motion work, balance and add to the overall fun in a class. The sky’s the limit when it comes to Instructors’ creativity but there’s limits to what BeatBoss promotes.


BeatBoss believes in safety for all riders. There’s various fitness levels and ages present in any given class and a BeatBoss Instructor is always mindful of this. You won’t see BeatBoss Instructors using no handed moves. BeatBoss also caps speeds at *130 RPM and RPMs don’t drop below 40. Modifications are always demonstrated and riders are encouraged to listen to their body. A BeatBoss Instructor knows they are a leader amongst leaders in this industry.


Speaking of safety, because the IC bike is fixed, safety is greater than an outdoor ride. An outdoor bike moves creating a different gravity pull than the stationary IC *bike. An indoor ride never replicates, but is inspired by, an outdoor ride. No longer is there need to lock into a one dimensional, hunched position. This makes a BeatBoss class a top cross training pick.


BeatBoss has harnessed the ultimate cross training indoor ride with facial fitness in mind. It’s a powerful yet fun, music centered, beat focused certification for instructors! There’s finally purpose to the party!  Check out for more information!

Co-Written by Team BeatBoss, Chris Cronick and Andrea Austin

*Exception: Breakaways

*Exception: RealRyder

Author: fitscene