We know there’s great cross training purpose to a “party on a bike” style of indoor cycling.  It’s a fun, total body workout. So what fuels the great divide in the industry on what is the “right’ style to teach?  The answer: is two fold.

  1. The party on the bike style has had no real leg to stand on.
  2. There hasn’t been a nationally accredited certifying body that supports it.


Until now.


A New Approach


For the past twenty years indoor cycling classes have simulated an outdoor ride done on indoor bikes. In this road ready style of class, music was the backdrop and the goals were geared towards improving outdoor performance. That was very popular for awhile but instructors started to break away from what they considered an outdated approach. As the industry grew so did the demand for this new style that spoke to instructors love of music and the beat. An underground movement started to take hold while instructors grew in popularity. Their classes were being waitlisted while the road ready classes trailed off. You can see the divide amongst instructors that would eventually surface.


Change can be difficult to embrace especially for those who’ve been teaching the road style for years. Many times the party on the bike style proved to be challenging. They saw a style without merit and purpose and they chose to zero in on its flaws. Problem was rhythmic focused rides of the past tended to lack reason or WHY moves were so important. Instructors would say it’s fun but “fun” just doesn’t cut it in a world that is in demand for numbers and stats.


Enter BeatBoss


BeatBoss Indoor Biking has harnessed the very best of both road and party on the bike. In fact it’s so revolutionary, they’ve coined the term “Indoor Biking” because BeatBoss is INSPIRED by road, mountain, and BMX biking. They have taken each genre’s fundamental needs for speed, power, strength, core, stability, plane of motion, flexibility, and created the most game changing indoor ride imaginable. In addition, upper body movements done in a variety of planes of motion increase fascial fitness and balance.  Road cyclists may not do a one hander but BMX riders do! BeatBoss uses Watts and RPM training all to the beat of the music with their unique Methodology. This game changer has taken the best of all indoor certifications and combined them into ONE fun, powerful, all encompassing ride.


Until now there has been no certifying body that has made the party on the bike style a legit method. Instructors had to either go against their certification or choose not to be certified. Obviously that’s not a good option from a legal, ethical and practical standpoint. You can now teach in confidence knowing BeatBoss is nationally accredited through NASM, AFAA, and ACE.

To learn more about BeatBoss Indoor Biking, visit BreatBossRocks. BeatBoss brings PURPOSE TO THE PARTY by giving cross training purpose for every move on the bike.

Author: fitscene