Stressful Work Lives are Killing us – Toxic Work Culture

Stressful Work Lives are Killing us – The New Norm is a  Toxic Work Culture The normal 9-5 schedule is no longer the norm. The norm is now to get into the office early, stay late, and be available 24/7 digitally via email and/or text. This is expected if you want to move up within the company and show your superior how much you care about the job. This is simply wrong. We were not meant to live to work, but to work to live. This increasingly demanding work culture is toxic to our physical bodies, to our mental health, and our overall emotional state of being. Why? These increasingly demanding work lives are causing us to feel constantly stressed. What’s the Harm? We are working more than ever, especially those of us who do not actually track our working hours, such as salaried individuals. As human beings, we were not meant to work these long chaotic hours with little to no time to enjoy life and leisure. The harm is stress. Stress Explained Stress is not a bad thing. The problem is in today’s culture we are constantly stressed. So, what is stress? This is the body’s natural flight … Continue reading Stressful Work Lives are Killing us – Toxic Work Culture