• 10 Group Fitness Classes to Mix up Your Workout Boredom

    New group fitness classes

    Do you find yourself continuously doing the same workout over and over? Man, talk about boring! No wonder many of us dread going to the gym. However, workout boredom is now a thing of the past, as there are tons of nontraditional group fitness classes to help you mix it up.  Here are 10 trendy group fitness classes that you must try!

  • Trendy New Group Fitness Classes

    Buti Yoga

    This is not your traditional yoga class as you can expect to move the entire practice. Buti yoga is great for those of us who find the stillness of a traditional yoga class difficult. During this practice, you will be encouraged to find the beat of traditional tribal music and roll, shake, pop, and pump your body the entire time. Get ready to shake your booty while performing traditional yoga poses.

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Author: fitscene