• zucchini recipes

    Looking to eat more veggies or cut back on the carbs? Either way, we have the perfect food to secretly sneak a ton of veggies into every meal as well as cut back on the carbs, we are talking about zucchini! I am obsessed with zucchini, especially during this time of year when our garden is overflowing with these tasty green squash. Click on to see some of my favorite ways to use zucchini…

  • zucchini recipes

    Stuffed Zucchini Boats

    Pick your flavor and go for zucchini stuffed boats! I have made these before using traditional lasagna ingredients or have made Mexican flavored boats loaded with taco meat, cheese, black beans, corn, and salsa. These are super easy to make, simply start with a whole zucchini and slice it length wise in half. From there you will want to scoop out some of the insides to make room for your filling. After that pick your favorite ingredients and get creative. Stuff your boats with any fixings you like. Once your boats are stuffed pop them in the oven until the zucchini is soft – you can test this by poking them with a fork.

    Tasty Tip: brown a pound of lean ground turkey, add your favorite pasta sauce and stir it into the meat. Stuff your boats with the meat sauce and top with cheese!

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